There was a time when I thought knew I wanted to be a sports journalist. I became an engineer instead.

After graduating college and getting a job I realized there were a lot of things (mostly sports) that I wanted to write about. So I decided to write a blog. If you are reading this that means that someone else but me cares about what I’m writing, which means a lot; thank you.

This is a blog mainly about sports, but on occasion will include some other topics including music, current events, personal pieces, etc.

Each week of posts includes one main story, along with sometimes news of recently released music or brief comments on the sports teams I follow (The Chicago White Sox, Blackhawks, Bears and Fire, Notre Dame everything, and Chelsea FC), and/or a selection of content from elsewhere that I think is worth sharing. The blog will likely evolve as I figure out what I’m doing (input from those who do know what they’re doing is welcome).

Thanks again for reading and enjoy the Soup!

-Alex Campbell